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Random tools

Convert Coordinates

No valid coordinate detected

  • Degrees Minutes Seconds

    N 24 24

  • Degrees Minutes

    N 24 24

  • Degrees

    N 24 24

  • MGRS

    N 24 24

Convert Airspeeds

Because JWS and other programs do not want to do it for you. This is an approximation based on the US Standard Atmosphere of 1976.


Wolfpack Places

My other app for sharing things near a base (useful overseas) such as bus stations, places to get a car, food, etc. It works anywhere and places are added by the community. It is used a decent amount at Kunsan, but I think it would be useful at other overseas bases, especially without latin languages where Trip Advisor and Yelp have almost zero places. Helps you find places that other pilots found useful. I built it because there was zero continuity at Kunsan and the only people who knew good places were leaving.

Online Wolfpack Places or on iPhone and Android App Stores as “Wolfpack Places“. It is free. You can use the feedback form on this site to pass feedback.